4 Reasons Why Private School Could Be The Best Option For Your Bullied Child

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4 Reasons Why Private School Could Be The Best Option For Your Bullied Child

17 February 2021
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Every parent worries about protecting their children, so finding out your child is being bullied at school can be crushing. You should start by getting in touch with the faculty but what can you do when the school staff just won't tackle the problem? Sometimes, the best solution is to withdraw your child from their current school and enrol them somewhere new. Read on to learn how private co-educational schools could be a way to address the situation.  

1. Smaller classes tend to prevent bullying 

Bullying is more likely to occur in bigger classes because bullies can pick on specific students without anyone catching on. Since private schools have lower teacher-to-student ratios, class sizes are often significantly smaller than they are in public schools. When there are fewer students in each classroom, teachers and fellow students are more likely to notice when something is wrong. In private schools, you'll also often find staff who are specifically trained in safeguarding children and preventing bullying problems.

2. Private schools have more authority

While your child's public school staff may choose not to handle bullying problems, private schools have a lot more authority and tend to use it well. Private schools have full control over their school's enrolment and are often highly selective. As such, they're able to maintain strict zero-tolerance bullying policies. If the harassment continues, private schools can kick the bully out without having to negotiate with public school boards.

3. Better technology prevents cyberbullying

These days, being bullied online can feel just as awful has being bullied physically or verbally. Unfortunately, technology has made it easier than ever for bullies to harass their victims online, which makes it all the more important that schools find ways to protect their children from cyberbullying. Private schools generally have the best technology in place to prevent cyberbullying, such as filtering software on computers and strict monitoring of all school devices.

4. Your child may fit in better

Typically, children who don't fit in are far more likely to be bullied. Another advantage of sending your child to private school is that they may fit in better. For example, if your child is being bullied because they're studious, sending them to a private school with a strong focus on rigorous academics will prevent them from standing out. Every private school has its own ethos and values, making it easier to choose a school that fits your child perfectly—whether through academic values, culture, or religion.