Tips for Sending Your Child to Private School for the First Time

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Tips for Sending Your Child to Private School for the First Time

10 February 2023
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If your child has always attended public school, you might be ready to make a change to the way they get their education. You could be thinking about sending your child to private school, for example. If so, you're probably hoping everything will go smoothly and that your child will have a good experience. These tips for success can definitely help with this.

Choose the Right School

One of the good things about sending your child to private school is the fact that you can choose the school that your child attends. You shouldn't take this decision lightly. Instead, you should start looking for a private school well in advance of the school year if at all possible. Then, you will have more time to check out more schools, and you will hopefully find that multiple schools have openings. Compare academics, extracurricular and sports programs, the reputation of each school, and more. Doing this will help you choose a learning institution that is right for your child.

Have All Records Sent

You will likely be required to send school records from your child's previous school, immunization records, and more. Make sure you get a list of everything that is needed, and go through the necessary processes to have these records sent to your child's new private school. You shouldn't wait to do this, since you'll probably be required to have it done before the first day of school, if you want to prevent your child from being delayed from starting school.

Pay Attention to Tuition

One downside of sending your child to private school is the fact that you have to pay out-of-pocket for tuition, books, and other expenses. However, many people find it's worth it to pay for their child to get a good education. Just make sure you pay attention to tuition rates and due dates so that you can financially plan for things.

Read the Handbook

When you enrol your child in private school — or even when you visit a school to talk about the possibility of enrolling your child — you will more than likely be given a handbook. It's very important for you and your child to read the handbook. After all, school rules and dress codes might be quite different from the last school that your child attended. To ensure that your child gets off to a good start and to avoid potential rule violations or other issues, reading the handbook is definitely something you will both want to do before your child's first day of school.